Our Network is HUGE!
We have some of the richest and most intuitive CEOs available to give you their opinion.

HiPPOs know best
Why waste time and money testing when you can have a high-paid person at your fingertips?

Fast Response Times
We know you need an opinion NOW, so our HiPPOs are trained to spout out the first thing that pops into their head.

An Extensive API
For all the (now irrelevant) testing SAAS companies out there - use our API to continue serving your customers. They don't need to know you aren't actually testing anymore...

99% Accuracy Rate
We're proud to guarantee a 99% accuracy rate from our HiPPOs. All opinions will be completely subjective and will lack any real understanding of your target users - because c'mon, that's what intuition is for!

Think you're a HiPPO?
You probably don't need any extra change in your pocket, but how about knowing you can share your gift of always being right with others? Join our network of HiPPOs today!

Unbounce CEO Rick Perreault "All along we thought testing would let marketers find out what really works, but it turns out you just get the highest paid person you can find, ask them what they think, and go with their decision."

Doesn't that change your business entirely?

"Absolutely", says Rick.  "You don't always have a really high-paid person around to ask, so we're switching to a HaaS model (HIPPO as a Service)"

A/B Testing is DEAD! Ask a HiPPO Instead...

As it turns out, a HiPPO's intuition actually performs better than testing. Stop wasting time and money and get an opinion from our network of rich HiPPOs today!

From the creators of Unbounce.com

"My HiPPO says meta keyword tag repetitions * keyword density / (√# of reciprocal links) - PageRank = your ranking in Google. Thus, I'm just making sure that number comes out "1" for all my pages."

Rand Fishkin

CEO & Co-Founder, SEOmoz  

"On the advice of my HiPPO, we just fired all of our Optimization Strategists. As it turns out, guessing works just as well as testing. Who knew!"

Chris Goward

Co-Founder & CEO of WiderFunnel Marketing Optimization

"My HiPPO suggested that we try using different animal icons for our "Follow me on Twitter" links. We're starting with a donkey - I think customers will totally get it."

Dan Martell

Co-Founder of Flowtown

"As a serial entrepreneur, this new HaaS business model is music to my ears. Now, when I'm pitching to an investor I just have one slide saying "I'm right". Money in the bank."

David Hauser

Founder of Grasshopper and Chargify

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April Fools! Askahippo.com is a little prank that we anounced on April Fools Day... A/B testing is still the way to go :)